My exposure since 1992 has shown me that the LMC has continuously strived to bring and communicate information and educational topics to the Labor/Management community for the betterment of NE Wisconsin.

Larry Moldenhauer, WEA Trust,
Board President


Here at Network Health Plan; we advocate that labor and management work together on their healthcare issues. We employ a full time Labor Liaison to assist in that process. The LMC provides the opportunities for labor, management and education to learn, play and work together in a professional setting for the betterment of those they represent. We continue to fully support the LMC’s efforts as a Gold Sponsor in 2010.

Bill O’Brien, CLU, Vice President, Sales and Service

      Network Health Plan


The LMC has throughout the years provided Educational Opportunities for our Employees and Students in the Green Bay Area Public School District.

Ed DeRubis, Green Bay Public Schools, retired
Board Member


I have had the privilege of serving on the board of directors since 2005.  One of the great aspects of the LMC is their annual programs with collective bargaining and tours of area businesses.  Both programs bring local school systems, manufacturers and contractors, and their respective labor representatives together to educate middle and high school students on career opportunities available here in North East Wisconsin.

Mark Buss, Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 400,
Board Member


The School to Career Program with Joel Newcomb was the best graduate credit investment I’ve made so far in my career.  Joel’s practical approach to what students face was refreshing.  I have referred to what I’ve learned in this course multiple times in casual conservation throughout the summer and it has reshaped the way I teach and how I understand what skills students will need to be successful after graduation.  I use examples I learned in class almost every week in my own classroom.  The education I received on apprenticeships has been shared with multiple students and alumni alike.  I would love a class on apprenticeships and finding meaning work experiences for students.  I think this is the way to go.  This class gave me the ammunition to start changing minds in the trades-are-not-as-good-as-four-year-college battle.

Thank you for offering this course.  It has helped motivate me to provide a better English curriculum geared toward real life skills and career/citizenship choices.  Best money I’ve spent on a grad class.

Neil Young

English Master, Debate  Coach

Waupaca, WI


Please know that I found the LMC’s School-to-Career Program extremely beneficial.

Not only did the School-to-Career Program enhance my knowledge of future trends in the world of work, but it provided me with a greater sense of the importance of forming partnerships between schools and businesses to better prepare our students for the careers of their choosing.

Mike Holtz

Kewaunnee, WI


The School to Career class offered through Viterbo University, in conjunction with the NE Wisconsin Labor Management Council, couples “real life” business tours with current labor trends and an inside look at the trades and their magnificent training centers.  This practical classroom experience provides a clear picture of the realities of work and in my estimation is one of the best graduate courses offered today.

Jim RIchmond

Waupaca, WI